Separately Managed Accounts

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A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a customized portfolio of securities tailored to each client’s unique investment, diversification and risk parameters. At U.S. Bancorp Asset Management, our SMA cash solutions focus on safety of principal, planned liquidity and return commensurate with risk.

SMAs are a way for institutions to have their cash invested to meet all of their investment policy requirements, while allowing a professional money manager to perform credit analysis and portfolio construction. Because SMAs are individually built and wholly-owned by the client, each client’s portfolio is optimized to meet their particular investment objectives and constraints.

For clients with investable assets wishing to have a customized portfolio built to their specific investment requirements, we offer customized taxable, tax-efficient, tax-exempt and government solutions.

The reasons our clients open SMAs:

  • Opportunity to earn greater returns than money market funds, generally with lower expenses
  • Full ownership of all portfolio securities
  • Control over the level of  portfolio risk through adherence to a disciplined investment policy
  • Liquidity can be managed precisely to meet needs
  • Investment decisions and credit research entrusted to a team of seasoned professionals serving as an extension of the client’s Treasury staff
  • Integrated portfolio compliance and risk management services
  • Reporting option available that provides 24/7 access to view portfolio holdings and characteristics

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