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Dedicated to Providing Investment Grade Fixed Income Solutions for Institutions

U.S. Bancorp Asset Management’s core strength and focus is managing investment grade fixed income strategies for institutional clients. A registered investment adviser, we have been providing investment grade fixed income investment solutions since 1982.1

With more than $173 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2024, we are a resource for institutional clients including corporations, healthcare organizations, higher education, public entities and nonprofits. Our client list includes a number of Fortune 500 companies and several well-known private and nonprofit entities.

Our experienced professionals propose solutions based on a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs. Each solution integrates:

  • Investment expertise – Our senior portfolio managers have worked together at our firm for more than 33 years gaining experience in all types of markets. Learn more about our Portfolio Managers.
  • In-house credit research – Our analysts employ a rigorous process to identify and evaluate high-quality, investment-grade issuers with stable current and expected credit characteristics. They produce and maintain our Approved Issuers List. Learn more about our Credit Research Team.
  • Robust compliance and risk management – Compliance, portfolio management, operations and risk management all report independently to the CEO in an overlapping system of checks and balances. Learn more about the Leadership Team that guides U.S. Bancorp Asset Management.
  • Outstanding client service – Fostering client relationships is a core value for our firm and our goal is to be a trusted advisor to you. Learn more about our Client Service Team.

We look forward to discussing your cash management needs. Click here to find the representative in your geographic area.

In addition to providing investment grade fixed income investment strategies, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management administers the securities lending program of U.S. Bank National Association. Learn more about Securities Lending.

1 The firm began offering shares of money market funds to the public on April 9, 1982 through predecessor organizations.